Las Vegas News – Shooting Inside Mandalay Bay Hotel Happened Six Minutes Earlier

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The most recent news out of Las Vegas about the mass shooting at the Jason Aldean concert that claimed 59 lives and injured hundreds of other people is that the shooting inside the hotel happened first. A security guard and another hotel employee were walking down the hallway, and the security guard was shot. The hotel employee called 911, and when this news broke about the shooting in the hotel happening first, I saw an interview on the news that featured that employee.

He said that he called 911, and they played part of the tape. The shooting towards the concert from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas started 6 minutes later. It makes you think that the shooting inside the hotel and the 911 call helped get the police there faster. It has been reported previously that they did get there much faster than you would think. The shooter just had so many guns and so much ammunition.

It is a horrible tragedy, and it just makes you really want to close your mouth and pray. In the aftermath, it makes you wonder what you can do to try and stop these events from happening. Too many people are dying, and it is like these killers just keep upping the ante. It is repulsive and disgusting.

The shooter killed himself of course, so it is one troubled person taking 58 other people with him. People given the press and attention seem to do more, and all the news outlets do to prevent it from happening is while reporting on it 24 hours a day they make sure that they try not to say the killer’s name. I’m not even sure if that’s the kosher blind cover-up anymore. And that’s just the news stations. Social media allows these maniacs to stream anything they want to live online.

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